The Importance of Pain Management

Oftentimes addiction to pills especially opiates starts with need for pain management. Opiate addiction is a growing problem and the sooner you seek help for it the better off you will be. Even if you have been battling addiction to opiates for years it is never too late to get help. The Wellington treatment center will be able to help by providing a safe method and friendly environment to recover from this dangerous addiction.

People become addicted to opiates because the body builds a tolerance to the medication. A pain that once required two pills to cope with will soon need four pills then six pills and then before you know it you are utterly dependent upon those little white pills. Opiate addicts require careful monitoring as they go through the detox program because the body is so dependent upon the drug. Our treatment facilities are staffed with medical professionals trained to handle the detox process of opiate addicts.

As you go through the treatment program you may find that the initial pain that was the reason you turned to opiates is still present. We offer alternative holistic remedies to treat your pain so that you do not have to seek relief in a bottle. The holistic approach focuses on you as a whole being not just the part of your body that is in pain but your mental and emotional state as well. This is the best way to deal with pain and leads to recovery without the need for opiates or other drugs.

After the detox process we are able to teach you these holistic methods so that you can take control of your own pain management without having the need to turn to drugs.

The therapies we offer include:

• Nutrition and diet plans • Acupuncture • Exercises to help ease the pain • EMDR therapies to better help you cope with the pain and the addiction

Becoming addicted to opiates and other types of pain killers is not uncommon. It is possible to recover from this addiction and take control of your life. Many fear that recovery means that they must face the pain that first drew them to the addiction but it is possible to recover from your addiction and the pain. It is all about control. We are able to show you how to take that control to make a positive impact upon your life. All you have to do is take that first step and seek help. No matter the time of day just call: (561) 247-2843.


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